Part of a group of 7 Rex Rabbits that were dumped in cardboard boxes at our front gate these gorgeous 6month old girls are now ready for a new home.
They need a dedicated and experienced owner as Adelaide has been through the mill a bit. She has an undershot jaw which caused her front teeth to overgrow. We took advice from a Rabbit specialist and decided to remove her front teeth. She can live a long and healthy life like this she just needs her food preparing differently from ‘normal’ rabbits and may need extra help with grooming. We can discuss this is detail with potential owners.
Super sweet bonded girls who are a little on the shy side but are gaining confidence. They do seem to love a cuddle and a good head scratch.

We DO NOT re-home to small hutches and runs. For more information on acceptable rabbit accommodation please read the article A Hutch Is Not Enough on our website

If you are interested in adopting Madam Adelaide and Princess Tenko please fill out the online adoption enquiry form on our website