Here at the sanctuary we are working to provide the best life possible to all of our animals. Unfortunately rabbits in particular are often kept in unacceptable conditions. All our rabbit adoptions are subject to homechecks to make sure their new accommodation is large enough and secure. In line with Rabbit Welfare Association guidelines the available floor space must be at least 60 square foot. This can be accomplished in many different ways.

We recommend a shed and run, either fully attached, or if space is an issue attached by a rabbit safe run attachment tunnel.

Another option would be a walk in run with smaller shelters provided inside. Rabbits are diggers so its best to keep them on hard standing or have the area made dig proof by burying mesh under grass so they cannot escape. This will also stop predators from digging their way in.

We always recommend walk in enclosures as this means you can go in to spend time with them. As a prey species being grabbed and restrained can be very stressful for them so its best for socialisation if they are in a position where they can come to you. 

Occasionally we have rabbits who have always been kept as house rabbits in this case they would need to be kept in a room where they are free to roam and which has been rabbit proofed so they cannot chew wires. Rabbits are inquisitive creatures so require lots of tunnels and toys to keep them entertained. They love to chew on things which helps grind their teeth down. if you don't provide toys to do this on then they will chew on their accommodation instead!

Please note we do not re home rabbits to Schools, Nurserys or Petting zoos.