The Animal Sanctuary Wilmslow is run by the Humane Education Society (charity number 1159571) and has been in existence for around half a century, caring for animals who have fallen on hard times.

Each year the Sanctuary takes in around 200 animals. The majority of these are cats, but we also accept guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, rats, mice, chickens, ducks and other small animals. We believe the animals coming through our gates deserve the best life possible and, when re-homing them we try to ensure that they are going to suitable accommodation with a family who will look after them to the highest standards. Occasionally an animal comes to us that cannot be re-homed, either due to its age,  temperament or veterinary needs. These animals live out their natural lives at the Sanctuary, well cared for, much loved and safe and secure. You can meet our permanent residents HERE

The Humane Education Society has a secondary purpose, to provide education in the humane treatment of animals. The Society strongly believes that educating young people and adults in animal care and welfare creates a more compassionate attitude towards all animals. We therefore provide work experience placements for students at school and university, and support Duke of Edinburgh schemes.   Classes of children from local primary schools visit us to see our animals and to learn about their care.

The Trustees and staff are committed to continuing this work to the best of their abilities, and the principle of giving all our animals the best life possible informs all their activities, whether it's raising funds, planning for the future, improving the site or maintaining high animal care and welfare standards.

Some of our recent achievements are:

  • Consistently re-homing around 200 animals each year.
  • Providing a dedicated queen and kitten unit for pregnant females or females with kittens. This allows them the privacy and time to recover from trauma and to raise their kittens in a safe environment.
  • Replacing and restructuring old dilapidated fencing to ensure the safety of our equines and pigs.
  • Providing learning experiences for the children from local schools who visit in increasing numbers.