This appeal has been renamed Buntings Legacy

Little Bunting died suddenly and unexpectedly a few days before his operation was due to take place. The Operation Bunting fundraiser had been so well supported and had exceeded target so very quickly that at his death we offered the option of refunding donations or converting this into a legacy to help kittens in the future. The overwhelming message from all who responded was to create the Legacy and so this is what we have done. This little kitten touched many hearts and we hope he will go on to help others in the future.


May - July 2022

Little Bunting came to us with his mum Jubilee and his siblings at around the time of  - yes you guessed it the Platinum Jubilee!

Bunting was with us until approx 12 weeks of age and was playful and happy. Unfortunately he also had a condition called Pectus Excavatum or Funnel Chest. This is where the rib cage is deformed and flattened out rather than cage shaped. This condition - as he got older would cause respiritory distress and so he required surgery to correct the shape of his chest.

The Operation Bunting appeal was set up to fund this surgery. Sadly little bunting died just a few days before this operation would have taken place.