Corporate volunteering

We love hosting corporate volunteering days.  With your help we can get major projects started, and sometimes even finished, as many hands makes light work!  A recent group from Royal London in Wilmslow were a huge help in the construction and painting of our new horse shelter and now Holland, our gentle giant, has a shelter that he can stand up in properly.  That team helped make Holland a very happy horse.

We don't always have big projects like that for you to work on, but with a site the size of ours there is always plenty to be done.  Gardening, painting, cleaning, woodwork and laying paths are just some of the activities that recent groups have been involved in. And it's not all hard work, we have a covered area where teams can enjoy their tea and lunch breaks and we give anyone who is interested a tour of the Sanctuary and an opportunity to meet our residents.

Unfortunately we cannot offer groups the opportunity to work directly with the animals as continuity of care is needed.  However whilst you are here we will show you around and talk to you about what we do and you will of course get to say hello to the animals.

We have always had very positive feedback from volunteering teams, and some have come to us more than once.

If you are interested in joining us for a corporate volunteering day please get in touch with our Manager, Sarah Diggle at [email protected]