Our new Adoption Enquiry form can be found HERE.  If you would like to find out more about our current procedure, information can be found below or you can call 01625 520802 or [email protected]

Adopting a Cat From Us

We are keen to ensure that each and every one of our cats goes to the best possible home, and that they are a good 'fit' with their new family.

What we look for

  • Accommodation with ground floor access, which is at least 100 metres from a rail line, busy road or other significant hazard. There are exceptions to this rule for some older/indoor cats.
  • Free access indoors and outdoors together with adequate shelter in all weathers.
  • An environment which suits the personality of the cat. For example, we would not rehome a nervous cat to a household with small children or high noise levels.
  • Willingness to provide regular vaccinations and ongoing veterinary care, as necessary.
  • Safety, security and care when the owner is away on holiday.
  • The owner's permission, in the case of rented property.
  • Additional care for kittens. Because kittens need more attention in the first months, we look for homes where owners are not out for long periods each day. We also advise that they are not normally suitable pets for children under 5 years old as kittens may become withdrawn and frightened by unpredictable behaviour. If there are no other cats in the home we like to rehome kittens in pairs so that they have another feline to play with.

The procedure   -   Please note it is not possible for us to offer casual visits at the present time

  • You are invited to fill in our Adoption Enquiry Form, email us or ring our office to discuss your adoption requirements.  Emails should include your address and a telephone number on which you can be contacted.
  • On the basis of the details you give us, we will help you to identify a pet(s) who may be suitable for your circumstances
  • We will check your address for busy roads/rail lines and drive past to see the geography - please note our 100 metre policy
  • You and the other members of your household will then be invited to make an appointment to come and interact with the cat(s) which might be suitable, with COVID-19 safety measures in place
  • We encourage you to spend time with your chosen cat(s) and make sure that they respond as you would wish.
  • You can then reserve the cat of your choice by completing a Reserve Form, giving us further details.
  • As we cannot visit you in your home at present, one of our home visitors will contact you to arrange a video call via Zoom/ Facetime / Whatsapp to discuss any issues you wish to raise, whilst assessing whether there is a good 'fit'. This part of the process enables everyone to avoid the disappointment of having to return a cat because it isn't suitable.
  • If this virtual home visit goes well, our vet carries out a final check on the cat before adoption day. The whole process from reserving to adoption normally takes 10 - 14 days but there may be some delays, depending on the availability of vet appointments.
  • The handover process takes place by appointment, again with COVID-19 safety measures in place
  • We make every effort to advise adopters of any medical issues a cat may have. Whilst we make sure that cats have vet checks on admission and before rehoming, we cannot be held responsible for medical problems arising after adoption. Some of our cats have, of course, had extensive vet treatment whilst in our care, to ensure that any problems are corrected or minimised.
  • We charge an adoption fee of £65, payable when you pick up your cat. This helps us to cover the costs we have incurred in neutering, vaccinating, worming, defleaing and micro-chipping your pet. You also receive one month's free pet insurance from the date of adoption.
  • We take an on-going interest in our furry friends and love to receive news and photos after adoption. We're also happy to answer queries and discuss any problems you may have once they're home with you – whether it's a day, a week or a year later.

Adopting rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and rodents.

We are keen to ensure that each animal goes to the best possible home, and there's a good 'fit' with the new family.

What we look for

  • Appropriate fox-proof space that allows the animal freedom together with adequate shelter in all weathers.

For an average sized pair of outdoor rabbits, a run with 3m x 1.8m minimum floor space, including a large enclosure for shelter and warmth. A shed/Wendy House/chicken coop may be suitable.

For 2 guinea pigs, a roomy enclosure, minimum 2m x 1.2m, which is sheltered, draught-free and waterproof.

For ferrets a large enclosure or small shed with a run attached, sheltered and away from draughts. The area should be waterproof – and escape-proof.

For small rodents a large draught-free enclosure in a quiet area of the house, with natural daylight.

  • An environment which suits the temperament of the animal. For example, we would not rehome a nervous animal to a household with small children or high noise levels.
  • Willingness to provide regular vaccinations if appropriate, and on-going veterinary care, as necessary.
  • Safety, security and care when the owner is away on holiday.
  • The owner's permission, in the case of rented property.

The rehoming procedure for rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets is similar to that outlined for cat adoption. For small rodents photographs of the rehoming enclosures are acceptable.

Adoption fees

  • Rabbits - £25
  • Ferrets - £25
  • Guinea Pigs - £20
  • Rodents - £5

There are so many abandoned and unwanted animals out there and those of us who love animals can feel hugely rewarded when we welcome one into our home.

Some of our clients tell us why….

“We've always loved cats, and when we moved to the local area we felt our home would not be complete without at least one beloved cat....to welcome us home from work and to spend leisure time with. Over the years, we have adopted a number of stray and abandoned cats, the latest being Wren, who was found on a factory yard as a tiny kitten, with her dead siblings. She settled in well and has a good ...and occasionally sparky…. relationship with our older cat, Abby, also adopted from the Sanctuary after being rescued from a house where there were over 100 cats, many in very poor condition. If only they could tell us their stories….. They need and deserve our love and affection and bring us joy and laughter when they're chasing balls around and dodging in and out of the bushes when we're in the garden on a sunny day.”

We are very proud of the fact that each year we rehome around 200 domestic animals. Occasionally they stay with us.

“The children were desperate for animals and after a lot of discussion and research, we decided to adopt 2 guinea pigs. We wanted to rescue unwanted animals, a good lesson for the children. We spent time with the guinea pigs, handling them and learning about their care from the staff at the Sanctuary. On their advice, we bought the right kind of enclosure and had our home visit. Having the guinea pigs has introduced the children to caring for little creatures and sometimes they even sit and watch TV with us!”

We help many more by giving owners advice or tips, or putting them in touch with other organisations who can assist if we are unable to.

“My mother was very lonely after my dad died. Adopting Poppy was the best thing that she could have done. This little 13 year-old long-haired tabby has given her a new purpose in life and they are inseparable now”

Without continued support from people like you we would be unable to do this.

If you feel you would like to help please donate.