Our Trustees

The Animal Sanctuary is run by the Humane Education Society and is governed by 6 Trustees from varied backgrounds, who have been brought together by their love of the Sanctuary and a deep commitment to its present and future viability.

They are all volunteers and they involve themselves tirelessly in the day to day activities of the Sanctuary.  They meet twice a week at the Sanctuary, and are on hand at many other times, doing whatever is necessary - from the serious (planning the future of the Sanctuary) to the more light-hearted (blowing up balloons for the annual Fun Day).  What would we do without their wonderful management and support?

Our Staff

The Animal Sanctuary has a team of 5 full-time, paid staff - our manager and 4 animal care staff who bring with them a wealth of experience, having worked with animals for many years. Although they are knowledgeable about all the animals at the Sanctuary - cats, equines, pigs, small mammals - some have particular areas of expertise.  Although their day officially ends at 5pm, their love of the animals doesn't stop there and they often come back to check on poorly animals or hand rear kittens at home. Liaising closely with our vets, the care they give to our residents is second to none.  Every one an angel!

Our Office Volunteers

We have a team of 9 office volunteers who come in on regular days to show visitors around, answer the phone, give advice and do adoption paperwork. Many have been with us for years and, knowing the Sanctuary so well, are ideally placed to engage with our visitors and potential adopters and answer all their questions. Some also do home visits and get involved with fundraising and teaching. In fact, they will do almost anything asked of them, and always with a smile!

Our Animal Care Volunteers

These are the unsung heroes of the Sanctuary! Every day volunteers come in to empty litter trays, muck out stables, mop floors, fill hay nets and feed all the animals. Its hard, messy work but obviously rewarding as many have been coming regularly for years. We also have a small army of 'cat cuddlers' who come in to interact with the cats and to socialise the more timid and fearful ones. The Sanctuary couldn't run without them.

The Monday Men

These 4 stalwarts take care of all the maintenance and building projects at the Sanctuary. They meet every week, on a Monday of course, and after a cup of coffee to help with planning their day they get on with whatever takes priority that week. This might be gardening, lawn mowing, decorating, building ramps for the rabbits or designing and building a field shelter for the horses. Despite having nothing except home DIY experience, they will turn their hands to just about anything, including taking a very active role in our fundraising events. Over the years they have saved the Sanctuary many thousands of pounds - thank you Monday men!