Smudge 6 yrs & Lilly 5 years - bonded pair of rabbits.

Smudge & Lilly came to us due to a change in family circumstances.

Smudge (grey) is a male, Netherland Dwarf mix. He's 6 years old, neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated. He's a very sweet friendly boy who likes to be handled.

Lily (Brown & White) is a female, Netherland Dwarf mix. She's 5 years old, neutered, chipped & fully vaccinated. Lilly was un-neutered when she arrived with us. Having been done at a later age has left her with some behaviours you would usually see in an un-neutered rabbit. She can be very sweet and friendly but she also has a bit of a sassy side which she's not afraid to show. She would not be suitable for children that are not used to unpredictable rabbits.

They have been a pair for years and are looking for a home together. They have lived both indoors and outdoors so either set up would be an option.

In accordance with the RWAF they require a minimum of 60sqft floor space (6ft x 10ft)
Please read our article "A hutch is not enough" on our website for more details on acceptable accommodation. If you feel you can offer a perfect home please complete our adoption enquiry form on line