Schools are closed and so are all the activities you normally enjoy with your children!

To help you keep your 'kittens' occupied and happy we have put together some animal themed quizzes, puzzles, colouring pages and crafts. So print off some sheets, get out the crayons, paper and glue, and start having some fun. We will add to this collection whenever we can during the next few weeks and months. So don't forget to check regularly for new things to do.

If you and your ‘kittens’ have enjoyed these resources please consider making a donation to help us feed the real kitties.

Some great ideas for lockdown games have been posted on our Facebook page and by Cats Protection

Check them out for lots of fun!


  1. Why does my cat do this?   Click Here 


  1. Cat maze   Click Here to Download
  2. Cat word search   Click Here to Download
  3. Pets puzzle sheet   Click Here to Download

Colouring Sheets:

  1. Cute cat in field   Click Here to Download
  2. Dog in kennel   Click Here to Download
  3. Easter bunny basket   Click Here to Download


  1. Bunny bookmark   Click Here
  2. Paper plate llama   Click Here

For Easter:

  1. Easter Egg Hunt: Print out the sheets for your kittens to colour in. Then hide the eggs around the house for them to find     Click Here
  2. Easter count and colour    Click Here
  3. Easy colouring: Easter bunny basket    Click Here
  4. More detailed colouring: Easter egg basket    Click Here
  5. Cute rabbit colouring   Click Here
  6. Easter bunny maze    Click Here
  7. Easter chick maze    Click Here
  8. Easy word search    Click Here
  9. Harder word search   Click Here
  10. Easter word scramble   Click Here
  11. Learning to copy with a grid    Click Here
  12. Lots of ideas for Easter crafts - pictures only    Click Here