Ken is a big bundle of cuddly ginger fur! He is quietly regal (and has even been spotted with a crown), and is definitely 'top cat' at the Sanctuary.

Ken had been living as a stray before he came to the Sanctuary shortly before the COVID pandemic. He had quite severe liver inflammation, and although he no longer has any symptoms he has been left with a weakened immune system. By the time that Ken was well enough to be put up for adoption the Sanctuary was closed due to the lockdowns, and we felt that it wasn't fair to keep him in a pen when we didn't know when we were going to be able to open up again. So Ken became a site cat.

He soon settled in, getting on well with all the other site cats. His very special friend is Madi, and they are often to be seen together. In fact when Ken was in Isolation for a few days after dental work Madi pined for him, moping about the site.

There is nothing that Ken likes more than having a snooze, preferably in the sun, and he has no shame when it comes to his sleeping positions!

  But it is a foolish human who wakes him up!

Ken loves to have his tummy rubbed....

.....and to sit with his paws stretched out in front of him

He will accept being groomed, but is pretty good about doing it for himself, and generally looks in tip-top shape


As you can imagine, the Sanctuary has had many requests to adopt Ken. Who wouldn't want to live with this gorgeous, chunky boy. However, Ken is going nowhere. Not only would Madi be distraught, but how would the Office volunteers manage without his help!

If you would like to help us look after Ken please consider donating to our 'Fours for Paws' appeal.