We adopted our first cat, Trixie, from the Sanctuary in 2006. She was an elderly girl who was very friendly, sleeping on my pillow and burrowing under my daughter's duvet. When she died she left a cat-shaped hole in our lives and it wasn't long before I started volunteering at the Sanctuary as a 'cat cuddler'. I made it my mission to socialise Charlie, who is now one of the site cats, and I spent an hour or so with him most afternoons. One thing led to another and soon I was bringing very frightened cats home for intense socialisation. In many cases this was successful and the cats were able to be adopted, some we fell in love with and kept! The sense of community and commitment at the Sanctuary was, and still is, extraordinary and before I knew what was happening I was getting involved in fundraising as well. In 2012 I started our eBay site and was soon inundated with donations. Luckily I was joined by a small, dedicated team of eBay sellers and we have raised over £50,000 since then. I joined the Board of Trustees in 2013 and now get involved in anything and everything to do with the Sanctuary although fundraising is still my main remit. I definitely have a problem maintaining a Sanctuary/life balance and most of my family have got involved in one way or another! But I get a real sense of purpose and achievement from what I do; volunteering at this wonderful place has given real meaning to my retired life.