What is a Friend?

Our Friends are supporters who make regular, monthly donations via direct debit to help us continue our work. They are very important to us; regular donations give us a predictable income which helps us to plan ahead, and donating via a direct debit saves on bank and credit card charges.

Become a Friend

Last year it cost over £500 a day to run the Sanctuary. We receive no government funding, relying entirely on the generosity of our supporters and the hard work of our volunteers. Every penny really does help, so however big or small your donation it will make a difference:

  • £3 will buy a bale of hay for our horses
  • £5 will feed a kitten for a week
  • £10 will buy a sack of food for our rabbits
  • £25 will cover microchipping and vaccinations
  • £50 will neuter a cat