Stanley - Suitable for an experienced quiet home with no other pets and no children.

The lovely Stanley is a 7 year old cream British Short Hair and has been with us a while whilst we try to get to the bottom of a veterinary issue which we think we may now have resolved.

Stanley came into us from a home where he was very stressed and where he disliked the small children. He had a history of pooing in the house and his owners could no longer cope. He has had much investigation and treatment from the vets here and through a long process of trial and error we have now got him to a situation where we feel he is now stable and ready to move on to a new home.

In brief Stanley suffers from IBS and requires a dry Hypoallergenic diet, an extra large litter tray and he is currently on a course of monthly B12 injections with 2 more to give which can be done here by arrangement should he be adopted before the course is finished. Mostly now he is using his litter tray with only the occasional "accident" on the floor. Since this has been going on a number of years it could be that this is now his normal and potential adopters would have to be willing to accept this may be the case long term. However a quiet settled home may well just be the answer. We will of course discuss all this fully with potential adopters before reservation.

Stanley is a very sweet cat and happily purrs away whilst being stroked.

If you would like to meet Stanley or if you’re interested in offering him a home please complete our Adoption Enquiry Form HERE or call our office to speak to a member of our team 01625 520 802.