Roxie (2yrs), Velma(14months) and Amos(14months) are a bonded ‘business’ of ferrets.
Velma and Amos are siblings who joined singleton Roxie in their previous home. They were surrendered due to the owner not having the means to care for them properly.
Roxie is very sensible, sweet and easy to handle. Amos is a typical dopey male who does forget his manners occasionally and nips but he understands the word no! Velma likes to remind you who’s boss so needs very confident handling.
They are a bundle of fun and will make great pets. Due Velma’s bossiness these are not ideal as first time pets but we can discuss this with potential owners if they have done their research on ferret handling and care.
They need a very secure enclosure if to live outdoors as ferrets are renowned escapologists! All are vaccinated, Microchipped and neutered. The girls have also had a hormone implant to reduced the risk of Cushing disease.
If you would like to meet our ferret trio and if you’re interested in offering them a home please complete our Adoption Enquiry Form HERE or call our office to speak to a member of our team 01625 520 802.