Oliver - looking for a new home without young children.

Oliver is around 9 years old came into us as he didn't like the young child in the house. This made him stressed and grumpy. He is a sweet boy who loves to headbut and have strokes but will let you know when he has had enough. Apparently he likes to be in most of the time but would like a home with access to a secure garden where hopefully he can become more active.

At the moment Oliver is extremely overweight and needs to loose at least 3kg. This will need to be done steadily and owners will need to be committed to following a gradual weight loss plan which we can advise on. He is a lovely giant of a boy looking forward to the next phase of his life.

If you would like to meet Oliver or if you’re interested in offering him a home please complete our Adoption Enquiry Form HERE or call our office to speak to a member of our team 01625 520 802.