Over the last two weeks we have been sent over 600 photos of the most adorable, cute, beautiful pets - there are just not enough adjectives to describe the wonderful animals that you share your lives with. Judging has been incredibly hard, but the Sanctuary staff have chosen first, second and third places for each category. They are very subjective decisions, and often it was actually the ability of the photographer to capture that special moment that was being judged. All the animals are winners as far as we are concerned.

We decided not to judge the 'In Memory of' category. The pets that are no longer with us hold such a special place in our hearts that it seemed wrong to pick a 'winner'.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part. We have loved seeing all your photos, and you raised over £1500 for the Sanctuary. That was beyond our wildest dreams - thank you!

Cutest Kitten


Sleeping Cat

Naughtie Tortie

Black and White Beauties

Gorgeous Gingers

Golden Oldies

Feline Fatties

Smiling Doggies

Cutest Puppy

Best Rescue Dog

Horses and Ponies


Guinea Pigs

Small Furries

Best Pet Helping You Work

Adopted from the Sanctuary


 Best in Show