Paloma is doing very well, and she has been so good whilst recovering she hasnt complained or been frustrated by her cone and has been happy and content doing her cage rest. We are pleased to say she is now out of that cage and now in one of the adoption pens (although she is not ready to be adopted yet)
We now have the results of her biopsy. This showed her Cancer was a grade 1 with 3 being the worst. She has had extensive breast tissue removed plus lymph nodes and so far it all looks good and the vets feel they have everything out. What they cannot say is if she will be affected on the other side at some stage. That will be something that will be addressed with potential adopters when she is recovered and ready to try and find a home again.
Hopefully Palomas bad luck is on the turn and she is now looking forward to a brighter future. Everyone at the sanctuary would like to thank the generosity of our supporters and people who contributed to the fund for her veterinary care. 
We will keep you all updated as to her progress both health wise and in her quest for a new home in the future.