Today we are launching a new appeal, 'Fours for Paws'. This appeal is to help us look after our many site cats, the ones that we cannot find adoptive homes for. There are many reasons why a cat may come to live out it's life at the Sanctuary. It may be too shy to be adopted, or have long term, costly health problems. Whatever the reason, our site cats have a great life. They grudgingly share the staff room with our staff, and have lots of comfy sofas and cat towers to sleep on. They enjoy little nibbles of the staffs' lunches and get as many cuddles as they want. Outside they have fields and woods to explore and it is a very safe environment. If life gets boring there is always work to be done in the Office!

Each month will feature one of the site cats and February's cat is Ken, that gorgeous bundle of ginger fur that you may have seen strutting about the site.

You can find out about Ken here and contribute to our appeal here.