This is our lovely old lady Lana who we have recently taken in from the vet where she had been handed in as a stray. Poor Lana was in a very bad state, skin and bone and covered in fly eggs and maggots, some of which were burrowing into her nail bed.

In order to make her more comfortable the vets have had to shave and bathe her and clean her very dirty ears. Despite her hard life and deprivations she has the sweetest personality and can purr for England. She loves human company and prefers to have someone with her when she is eating. She has a specialist renal diet.

Fortunately most of the cats we take in are in better condition than her although they are often in need of various kinds of medication or veterinary treatment.

Please make a donation to help us care for Lana and all our other needy animals.

Lana wont be available for adoption for some time but we will update you with her progress and post photographs as she recovers from her ordeal.