We don’t call this lovely old boy ‘Hungry Humphrey’ for nothing. He eats anything and everything, and the staff really struggle to eat their lunch when he’s around! But now Humphrey is worried. He’s heard about empty supermarket shelves, shortages of essential items, and the question on his mind is “Will the Sanctuary have enough food for me and my friends (but mainly me!) on Christmas Day and throughout the winter?”

To help put Humphrey’s mind at rest we are running an Advent Christmas Dinner appeal. Every day one of our gorgeous residents will be featured, and if you love them too why not help us to feed them? Even £1 will provide a Christmas dinner for an animal. 

So visit our website every day to see who the new Advent star is. You will find old friends as well as some new faces in our blog, 'Our Advent Calendar', which goes live on Tuesday 1st December.

Humphrey says "Thank you!"