Meatball and Bob - Available to adopt as a pair. 

Lovely Meatball and Bob came to us in December. They are approximately 14 months old, both male and are not neutered. We are advised that these guinea pigs are now too old to neuter without risk of problems and so they are to be rehomed as they are. Potential owners will obviously be made aware of this.

Meatball is the smooth Tricolour pig on the left and Bob is the long haired black/grey. Bob will require frequent grooming in his new home.

They are a friendly and easy to manage pair who would be suitable for novice guinea pig owners. We are happy to discuss accommodation requirements with any potential adopters and our education leaflet on Guinea pigs is available HERE and well worth a read.

If you are interested in adopting Meatball and Bob please fill in the online adoption enquiry form HERE