Jensen came to the sanctuary over a year ago because his owners developed allergies. They had kept him as house rabbit but moved him into the garage which they felt was unfair because he wasn't the time and attention he needed. He's an older boy at 7.5 years old so he is looking for a very special home. Before coming to us Jensen has spent all his life as a single house rabbit. Since being with us he has shown no inclination to either go outside or live with other rabbits. Whilst he is elderly he is in good health. A well cared for rabbit can live up to on average 10 years. He's looking for someone who is happy to take him on for whatever time he may have left. He is quite handleable compared to most and he does enjoy a cuddle and a groom.

If you would like to meet Jensen or if you’re interested in offering him a home please complete our new Adoption Enquiry Form HERE or call our office to speak to a member of our team 01625 520 802.

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