Garth & His Ladies

Sadly we have had to make the decision to try and re-home our cockerel Garth and his 8 ginger hens. They are not getting along with some of our older, non-rehomable birds.
They MUST all be re-homed together as a group.
Garth is approximately 4 years old. He is a very sweet boy. He takes good care of his ladies and is easy to handle.
The 8 hens are all ex commercial. We adopted them from Whitby Wildlife Rescue earlier this year as we had lost most of our elderly hens and Garth needed more companionship.
The girls are all approximately 18mths old. They are all very friendly and super confident around people.
They have all been fully treated for parasites and are all in good health.
Their new home must be predator proof and include a large shelter for them to be locked away safely at night. They are used to having a large area to roam and forage and we would like them to have as large a space as possible.

For more information or if you are interested in adopting them please e mail us your contact details, size and recent pictures of your set up to [email protected]

All adoptions are subject to a homecheck.