Beautiful Denise 10+ came to us in August last year. She was found stray and has possibly been a community cat with no home to call her own. She is a quirky and independent girl who needs an experienced understanding owner who can give her the time and patience she needs to settle into a loving home she has been without for so long.

Denise is diabetic so she is looking for a very special home wi th caring owners who will be able to manage this with twice-daily Insulin injections, these are usually administered at the same time everyday, Denise is a good girl, she takes her injections in her stride. Most people know that human diabetics have to be careful what they eat, and this is also the case with cats so Denise is also on a special diet to keep her blood sugar levels on track.

The commitment needed due to her condition sadly limits her offers of a home, which is such a shame as Denise has so much to offer. Denise loves to relax and watch the world go by, she loves to eat, go outside and more importantly loves cuddles when she’s feeling fighting fit. She has a lot of love to give and, as long as her new owner can factor in her twice-daily injections, she will be a very happy cat.

If diabetes is being well-managed there are usually no problems, however regular check-ups with a vet with be required to ensure Denise remains in good health. Although it might seem overwhelming at first, taking care of a diabetic cat is completely manageable and will require some education and patience. Our team will give a prospective new owner any advice on giving the injections. We will also be there to support the new owner once Denise is in a home. Please speak to a member of our team for more information regarding Denises diabetes, her diet and how best to look after her. Denise is looking for a quiet home without young children and will need to be the only pet in the household.

If you would like to meet Denise or if you’re interested in offering her a home please call 01625 520 802 to make an appointment. 
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