We love our equines!

Please help us to improve their living conditions

Our 70 year old horse barn, part of the original turkey farm, is clad in wooden sheets which are now rotten and in great need of replacement. The main door is warped and weather-beaten to such a degree that it won’t shut properly, and the other end of the barn is in a truly sorry state. Rain gets in through the sides and in very bad weather water seeps into the stables. Although there are no animal welfare issues yet, we don’t want Teabag, Daisy and our other equines living in these damp conditions so now is the time to act!

Work on external drainage has begun and a preliminary survey suggests that the framework is sound, although some bracing will be required. We aim to remove all the wood on the sides of the barn and replace it with a suitable, long lasting material and to completely replace both ends so that they are secure. We’ll also improve the floor of the barn, putting in drainage, so that the equines can be washed down when necessary.

We have been promised help with this large animal welfare project by a generous supporter, but we need to find matched funding of £15,000. We realise that this is a difficult time for everyone, but our equines would be grateful for any donation however small.

Donate £5 or more and be entered in our Christmas Draw to win a fabulous festive hamper.